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Dear prospective buyer,
Here are a few reviews from clients who have purchased dogs from me. Some have come directly to my home, others have had puppies shipped to them, and some have used my Personal Puppy Shopper Service. Enjoy the letters and please contact me with any questions...



Hi Leslie,

I have been meaning to contact you for a while now. I cant tell you how pleased I am that I got a went with my decision to purchase one of the Malteses from your litter. Starr is what I have named him and he is absolutely delightful. Such a nice temperament and personality.

We are almost completely house broken (and he's not quite 4 months yet!!!). I wanted to include a picture (taken about a month ago) and also say thank you again!

Rasheda J. Dean, 7/01/2013


Hi Leslie!

Just waned to let you know that everything is GREAT! Peaches has just fit right into our family perfectly. She is so loving and cute! Everyone that comes into contact loves her and asks where we got her. Hopefully, you will be getting some calls! She loves to play with toys. Her favorite is a Curious George stuffed monkey that is double her size! We are still working on potty...
training. She goes wonderfully if you take her out every so often. Waiting for her to start asking each time. She loves to ride in the car whenever she can. She went to our youngest son's kindergarten class and spread the puppy kisses to all the kids! She has been to the vet twice. They said that she is in perfect health! They thought she was so cute, they wanted to keep her! She is 3 pounds now and a very sweet, spunky girl. Thank you so much for helping us to make her a part of our family!

The Huntoons
Sept.16, 2011

Fri, Sept. 16, 2011 9:53 AM
It's Shannon, I got a puppy from Pearl's May litter. I seen you had a pictureof us on your site and I wanted to send a newer one. Princess is a great dog, our kids (4 yr old and 8 month old) just love her and she's wonderful with them! We thank you so much for everything! :)

Sept. 9, 2011
I received Tate's paperwork last week and got him all registered on the AKC website. I can not for the life of me figure out how to attach multiple photographs on a single e-mail. But I did manage to get this one up. Its form his first boating / beach adventure at Dog Island. He dug 15 holes played in the waves and swam all over. He is not scared of a thing! Thanks again for everything Leslie , I cannot tell you how happy this dog has made us! Best decision ever!


Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 9:54 am

Ok, I am finally figuring out my phone. I did send a blank email earlier by mistake.
He did well last night. He slept in his kennel downstairs with the girls. They were soooo excited to meet him. They had tears. :)
He doesn't have a name yet-cant make up their minds. He loves to play with the other two dogs. He is eating, drinking well. The girls are taking him throughout the day in shool here to meet their friends.
All is great here. Thanks again for the little guy and we will let you know his name when they decide.
There are two pics attached. Please let me know if they came through or not.
Have a great day!

I am so glad to hear for you..I so wish you could really see her..She is a bit bigger at 3.9 lbs on last vet visit recently but that is fine. I would rather have her a little bigger to breed if
we decide to do that. OMG would you please send me pics of her brother. I would love to see him. My sister has a 2 year old that weighs 3.1 lbs. She is teenie. Bella has that show dog look, hair and "stance" my sister says....EVERYONE that sees her loves her. She is strong-willed and sassy like I said and oh so smart...she definitely wants her way
but we are teaching her...and she is just blossoming, Very loving and playful, full of energy. Even her 82 lb, 9 yo, lab brother loves are so cute together. He lets
her think she is the boss. You wouldn't believe her fur...we haven't hit the "puppy uglies" yet..and she is gorgeous. Actually looks like a little bitty chow puppy...LOL...
Any way, sorry to keep you but I wanted you to know how much we are loving her. We have had a lot more bad in our lives since we got Bella. Dad had a aneurysm in his leg we didn't know about that clotted after heart surgery so he went through 11 hours of vascular leg surgery and 8 units of blood less than a week after we got Bella.
My mom was diagnosed with aggressive uterine cancer a few days after that and now looking at 18 weeks of chemo and 30 days of radiation. Dad had another aneurysm in his other leg that didn't clot so that surgery was postponed at that time but now is planned about a week after mom's chemo starts....SO you can see that Bella has been the brightest light in our lives right now. We are just so happy with her and love her beyond belief.. Please know you did well letting us be her new parents. Thanks for getting back with me.
I will send you pics of her shortly...Oh by the way, she absolutely LOVES water. It's hysterical...
Thank you Leslie....----
LaDonna Ledford

Good Morning Leslie, I truly want to thank you for a wonderful buying puppy experience. You followed through with what you told me and I appreciate that very much. With so much scam artists out there on the internet it can make one very anxious about conducting business over the internet. I would not hesitate to recommend your establishment to my friends.

Chester is doing well and as you can imagine he is being spoilt rotten. He had a bath yesterday and he has a vet appt. for Wednesday. The kids are off to a new puppy orientation class also on Wednesday:-). We want to make sure we do right by him. At some point we may have to look at another little one :-).

Thanks again.



Here are some pictures of Raina. She is quite a girl. She is beautiful and SMART!! She had become Mommy's Baby!
Do you have any females left from the liter I saw? I think my brother in-law may be interested

We'll keep in touch


i just want you to know that the kids are in love Blazer is the best ,here are a few pic's ,we love her so much so keep me in mind for your next litter
ps pic # 6 is Blazer's first play date with a friends dog lol


My name is Hope, I bought a Chihuahua puppy from you back in November. I just wanted you to know that she has become an important part of our family . She is very energetic and full of life we just love our new puppy. She growing in to her dog body. She learning so many new things like how to eat my new shoes and how to aggravate my other Chihuahua, but all in all we love her and wouldn't trade her for the world. I have included a picture of her. I send you updates regularly. Take care love Hope

Hope Kistner


Project Assistant

Life isn't about waiting for the Thunderstorm to pass.........its about learning to dance in the RAIN!!!!

Derrick Wms New Orleans
Hi Leslie,
I just wanted to drop in and say hello and thanks. Mike (the male rott I purchased) is doing great. The buying experience was a great one. We picked Mike up from the airport.
Everything went smoothly and as promised.
He has a very good temperment and is very affectionate. We are really happy to have him in our home. Mike is truly a member of the family now.
I purchased a female( Dana) from a local breeder that was a month older than Mike.
At the time the size difference was great. She was a lot bigger than Mike. He has caught up with her. I only hope that the pups take after Mike. LOL. She can be a little stubborn at times.
Mike at 10 weeks old. pups born 1/1/08

We 1st visited Heavens Gate Kennels in Feb 08. The parents and 1 grandparent were on the premises and absolutely beautiful. Not soon after we were bringing home our little bundle of joy. Our girl has been a great addition to our family. Her temperment is fantastic & she truly adores our 3 year old daughter. At 5 months old, she is over 50 lbs and still growing! Leslie does a great job w/her puppies and the bloodline is spectacular including champion. I would definitely recommend Heavens Gate Kennels to anyone looking for a fabulous dog.

Reviewer: David, May 31, 2008







 pleased with my rotty

I bought a rottweiler pup from Leslie at Heavens Gate Kennels in October 07 and I am very pleased with my dog. He is a beauty if I have to say so myself. He has a great temperament, very sociable, and he's great with kids. If you get one of her pups he's going to be huge. He is truly all I imagined my rotty would be and more.

Reviewer: Tavarin, January 28, 2008





The best Dog and Excellent Seller

If you are lucky enough to get a dog from Leslie your life will be complete. Everyone has an opinion what a dog should be, Leslies is your wish come true. My dog is very smart, has a great personality and people who are afraid of dogs in my family love this dog. Leslie told me her dogs were bred for personality and demeanor. This is true. The girls at the vets office see dozens of dogs a day and they love this dog. He is big for a puppy, house trained in two weeks and the most affectionate dog I have ever had. I can not say enough how happy I am. I have been around dogs my entire life and if you can get one of this line you will be lucky and glad you made the right choice. If anyone reading this has any questions please feel free to contact me. My E mail should post. I feel lucky and blessed and I would not be any happier if I won the lottery. wm

Reviewer: william, January 16, 2008









Wonderful buying experience!

My experience with Heaven's Gate Kennels was nothing short of wonderful. Leslie is a wonderful breeder and you can tell her animals are well taken care of. We drove to Ellenwood and met her at her home, where she invited us in and bathed the puppy before we made the drive back. I had had problems with getting papers on my animals before, so she gave me copies of the parents papers so that if I had any problems I could register her myself. I highly recommend this breeder! If anyone is skeptical of buying over the internet, know that with Leslie you're safe, and you definetly get your money's worth.

Reviewer: Ashley, January 16, 2008







Heavens Gate is definelty the way to go


Leslie of Heavens Gate Kennels goes well beyond the call of duty in regards to the puppies that she has. I had bought a blue pitbull from her over a year ago, and I can't express enough how happy I am with my dog. Leslie explained everything in true detail and walked me through the whole process with ease. I would recommend her and her kennel to anyone and everyone over and over again. If you are going to get a puppy I promise you don't pass Leslie's kennel up. These dogs will blow your mind away. That I can promise you. Without a question I will definetly return my business back to her and will continue to recommend her to everyone that I know and who is looking for the perfect dog, for that is what I got from Leslie and Heavens Gate Kennels and I know you will as well. ....John Guthrie

Reviewer: john, November 5, 2007

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