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Welcome to Von der Heavgate: Heavens Gate Kennels

You've seen the rest, Here is the best!


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Welcome to Heavens Gate Kennels!!

I am here to provide you with the perfect companion for life. Being a breeder is my life's calling that I have pursued since I was a little girl. I am so blessed to be able to fulfill my dream of caring and nurturing God's creatures all the while, bringing joy, happiness, and a little bit of God's love into your life in the form of 4 furry legs and a wet nose!

I am Atlanta's celebrity dog breeder. I am a licensed, private breeder located in Fairburn, Georgia, about 10 minutes south of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. I have dedicated and devoted my life, studies, and time to raising quality, healthy, dogs and puppies. I was born a child with an infinite love and understanding of animals, and always knew I would work closely with animals. I gained valuable experience and knowledge as an S.P.C.A Animal Caretaker, Zoo Volunteer, Vet Technician, owner of a successful pet supply boutique, and Director of a No-Kill Dog Rescue. I am a breeder who knows the industry from the bottom all the way to the top and it shows in the quality and temperaments of my animals.

All of Heavens Gates puppies are raised in my home and socialized with my children, family, and other pets, before they go to their new families. Puppies purchased through my Personal Puppy Shopper program will come from select, hand-picked HGK certified breeders for placement in their new homes. All of Heavens Gates dogs and puppies are registered.

Whether you choose to purchase from me or just need some educated information, you have come to the right place!
Whether big or small, show dog or family pet, you can rest assured that you are getting the best that Heaven has to offer.

When you purchase a puppy from Heavens Gate Kennels you will receive:
  • Current Vaccinations and Dewormings
  • Health Records
  • Registration Paperwork
  • Declaws Removed (as available)
  • 2 Year Health Warranty
  • Free Vet Visit
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Puppy Care Booklet
  • Food Sample
  • Puppy Starter Pak ( Food Coupons, Keepsake Box, Puppy Care Tips, & more!)
For an additional fee your puppy can be shipped to your nearest major airport which includes:
  • Travel Crate
  • Health Certificate
  • Airline Ticket
Hand delivery is also available as needed!!!

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  • HGK has built a reputation of excellence and quality companion animals.
  • The Original Personal Puppy Shopper Services.
  • Boarding, pet sitting, and grooming available at your request.
  • Artificial Insemnation and Stud services available
  • Brood bitch, puppy whelping, puppy placement services available
  • Calls are accepted 24/7 with you, questions and concerns.
  • Low cost pet insurance available
  • Human grade pet food and supplements
  • Call for puppy availability.
Let HGK serve you and your best friend for life!

!!Please check out the Customer Reviews and the Available Puppies Page for all puppies for sale!!
The whole family is involved in raising happy, healthy, puppies for you to bring into your home and love forever!

Wanda Smith is so happy to have finally found her Red Poodle puppy. She is co-host of the Ryan Camron and Wanda Morning Show, on Atlanta's Top Radio Station V103.
THANK YOU Leslie Ayo , I'm so happy that you went the extra mile to find my sweet little puppy! "

Irish songstress and model, Azi Aishling with Gucci and Carolina

Karli Redd from Atlanta's Love and Hip Hop just loves my Maltese puppy!

Check me out on T.I. and Tiny's show, T.I. and the Family Hustle. Representing Heavens Gate Kennels at Zonnique's of OMG GIRLZ, Sweet 16.

Diggy Simmons

Zonnique and family came back again this year 2013 for another beautiful puppy!!
Zonnique loves my Blue Merle Pomeranian baby - Blu Skyy
Zonnique and Cody, King and Blu Skyy, Me and Red

King and Blu Skyy
King loves the puppies and wants to visit us here at Heavens Gates Kennels to see all the doggies!

Do you really know what's in your dog's food?

Your dog eats the same food every day. The brand you feed is your dog's main source of nutrition and vital to a long and healthy life. As a caring pet parent, it is important to see through clever marketing ploys when choosing a food worthy of your best friend.

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Can you spot the real puppy? His name is Rambo, he is a Toy Poodle and is available for stud services.
I now have Teacup and Micro Pomerianians, Yorkies, Malchi's, Pomeranian's and Poodles! Please contact me for more details!

A few client pictures for you. See more on my Client Pictures and Sold puppies page!
Congratulations to 2014 Top NFL fullback Prospect, LSU's own J.C. Copeland on his new Micro Pomeranian puppy with the lovely Kadee!   I can't wait to see what lucky team gets him!

Georgia is in love with her new Micro Pomerainian and is going to spoil her Rotten!
Romana is my first international client and loves her new Pekingese!
Heavens Gates Papa Smurf is enjoying his new home with his lovely new mom, Jennifer M.
Thank You Joey Graham, #14 Denver Nugget,
for giving my Bishop a great new home!!!!
Fri, Apr 29, 2011 9:54 am

Ok, I am finally figuring out my phone. I did send a blank email earlier by mistake.
He did well last night. He slept in his kennel downstairs with the girls. They were soooo excited to meet him. They had tears. :)
He doesn't have a name yet-cant make up their minds. He loves to play with the other two dogs. He is eating, drinking well. The girls are taking him throughout the day in shool here to meet their friends.
All is great here. Thanks again for the little guy and we will let you know his name when they decide.
There are two pics attached. Please let me know if they came through or not.
Have a great day!


Personal Puppy Shopper
Let me find the puppy you want. I can get you the pup of your choice, even if I don't breed your choice puppy. I have select, superior breeders who have puppies available. These puppies are raised in home and underfoot. All come with warranties, health records, current vaccinations, and registration paperwork . Just send me an email or a phone call detailing what kind of pup you want. I will then get back to you with pictures and information on how to get the puppy of your choice. All puppies are hand selected by me and come with a warranty. You will always have the final decision on your choice of puppy.
or 404-734-5276
Thank you Sgt. Kacy J. for allowing me to help you find the perfect Pug baby for your family!

The Dog

God summoned a beast from the field and He said, "Behold man, created in my image. Therefore adore him. You shall protect him in the wilderness, shepard his flocks, watch over his children, accompany him whenever he may go - even unto civilization. You shall be his alley, his slave and his companion.

"To do these things," God said, "I endow you with these instincts uncommon to other Beasts: faithfulness, devotion and understanding surpassing those of man himself. Lest it impair your loyalty, you shall be blind to the faults of man. Lest it impair your understanding, you are denied the power of words. Let no fault of language cleave an accord beyond that of man with any other beast even man with man. Speak to your master only with your mind and through honest eyes.

"Walk by his side, sleep in his doorway, forage for him, ward off his enemies, carry his burdens, share his afflications, love him and comfort him. And in return for this, man will fulfill your needs and wants, which shall be only food, shelter and affection.

"So be silent, and be a friend to man. Guide him through the perils along the way to the land that I have promised him. This shall be your destiny and your immortality."

"So spake the Lord. And the dog heard and was content.


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